Helmets are essential riding gear while on a two wheeler or a motorcycle. Helmet help prevent or minimize injury to the head and brain during a crash or impact, as they reduce the impulse on the head or face by softening the impact. SMK two-wheeler and motorcycle helmets includes different types of helmets such as full face helmets, modular helmets,open face helmets and off-road helmets designed for different usage like for Road, Urban Riding, Touring and Enduro. SMK helmets have several premium features ensuring safety and comfort for the riders. Our helmets are homologated for international safety standards (such as ECE 22.05) and have an option for integrated Bluetooth (depending on the model).


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Off- Road

Designed for the extreme condition during off-road rides, SMK Allterra is your perfect companion during these rides giving you maximum comfort and visibility.


Designed to meet the uncompromising demand for the highest standards of protection and comfort, these helmets come with top-of-the-line features. Choose from a wide selection of colors, designs, decals and sizes.


A touch of classic styling complemented by cutting-edge safety technology, the Retro line-up from SMK is perfect for legendary two-wheeler silhouettes like bobbers and café-racers. Explore the wide selection of colors, designs, decals and sizes.


The ultimate in urban commuting safety, ECE-certified SMK range of Urban helmets are fortified to the highest standards of protection and enhanced with industry-leading comfort and usability features.


The range of ECE-Certified SMK Enduro helmets are designed to deliver an uncompromised experience in safety and comfort as you explore beyond distant horizons and munch the miles in style!