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About Us


The world’s largest manufacturer of protective helmets for motorcyclists present its SMK range, a collection of feature-rich and modern helmets for urban commuters and adventure riders, which will continue to grow in coming years, with increasingly innovative and technologically advanced products that are safe and aesthetically captivating. 


SMK helmets are conceptualized and designed in Europe, before being produced by the company based that produces almost fourteen million helmets annually, destined for markets across the world. The Company boasts of four factories that handle all necessary production processes, from the moulding of EPS shells, injected shells and components, to painting and assembly, not forgetting the cutting-edge in-house laboratories in which SMK helmets are tested in accordance with international homologations. Our manufacturing facilities have a complete production cycle that allows for rigid quality control at every stage of production until delivery. SMK Helmets combines Italian design with 40 years of know-how in the production of motorcycle helmets, to provide you safety and style in every ride.


Premium Motorcycle Helmets

In the SMK collection, every motorcyclist can find the helmet that best suits not only his/her bike but also his/her personal style. From the top of the range Carbon composite fibre Titan series to all thermoplastic models, SMK full-face helmets boast technical, comfort and safety features that position them at the top of their category. SMK Retro range matches the taste of vintage and café-racer enthusiasts. The modular (flip up) helmets, Glide and Gullwing, equipped with double jet and full-face homologation, are practical and functional. The Hybrid, a modified modular flip off helmet, is every motorcyclist’s dream, with a full-face and jet helmet in one. Thanks to its removable chin piece, the Hybrid, which has double jet and full-face homologation, is a true helmet for all seasons. The SMK range of jet helmets includes seven models that are characterised by their superior fit and are able to satisfy the growing demand for open helmets, comfortable, fashionable and in a variety of styles and a wide range of colours.